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Man On Purpose

A unique Men's Coaching Program that helps Christian Men,
Husbands, and Fathers obtain Certainty of Purpose to
be the Impactful Leaders that God Designed them to be

For Christian Men, By Christian Men

We’re not just a “me too” coaching company trying to be everything to everyone. We are Christian men that have struggled with the same things you struggle with and have fought the same battles you are fighting. We have questioned what you are questioning. We have felt stagnant and without direction or purpose. 

This is why the Man On Purpose Blueprint was developed. A proven system just for men on the Foundation of God and not the world. 

Through a true, authentic brotherhood based on the Word of God and not dogma, watered down theology, or here say, we can be as bold as lions and live the life God designed us to live.

Why Man on Purpose?

We’ve all been trying to find purpose our entire lives. That nagging feeling that there’s more. No matter what you do, it’s unsatisfying or a short term remedy. Reading books, webinars, joining men’s groups, etc. never hit the mark. Church was another avenue that didn’t reveal the results desired. Often, we end up glorifying ourselves while thinking we are seeking answers. 

This course was created to help others not have to go through the years of trial and error. There was never a clear path in Sunday School, Church, books, etc. Man on Purpose is the result of that effort. It takes our knowledge of the Holy Spirit to a much deeper and more Biblical level and allows us to discover and align with the Holy Spirit working in and through us as men.

What is Man on Purpose?

We are called to be doers of the Word and not just hearers.

Centered around a 9 step, 13 week process that walks men through the Biblical definition and purpose of a Christian man. Leveraging Paul’s letters, this helps bridge the gaps as there’s no clear path and often men are left on their own to find what a Biblical Man is and how they can incorporate into their daily lives for the glory of God. There always seems to be a knowledge gap between pastors, scholars, etc. and laymen. 

This is not the way it was originally intended to be.

Here there is no church affiliation as we are all members of the Body of Christ. There is no theory that results in a lack of practical implementation. There is only the Word.

Who is Man On Purpose For?

Designed for Christian husbands, fathers, and men that feel there’s something more. They are not satisfied with what they are getting from the traditional model but don’t want/have time to go to seminary.

There’s really no need to go to seminary to become educated on what it means to be a Christian man.

We have no denominational affiliation. Man On Purpose comes only from the Bible. As such, any Christian man can take this and apply it to his life and incorporate it into his current denominational faith expression/denomination.